CraYon EateR CoFFee

From the team at Devil Dog Concepts, Front-Liners & their Families!

No regular coffee company. Those that serve our country on the front lines in the Military, Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS, etc. all know too well how different it really is!

AND so do their families… This isn’t just about coffee. It’s about amazing coffee!  Like, really, really, amazing coffee!  It is about the crazy lives that the first responders, front liners and their families go through that make them special… It has been our life for decades and it is a part of our core.

This coffee company is about supporting those heroes, their families, the brotherhoods, the sisterhoods, and all it takes, knowing to do so, you’ve got to be a little bit crazy, and a little bit different.  That’s what makes us family… a family of Crazy, Special, Crayons Eaters.  Here…. you are family.

Craft roasted 100% Arabica bean coffee, perfected by over 20+ year of research and development.

Our flavor blends are as unique as Crayon Eaters are.  Not your normal mix, but when paired together, make something pretty awesome.

For the Crayon Eater that is even a little more different and wants to make something special.  The Krazy is just your bag.. pun intended.  Mix up your own concoction of flavors to create your custom Crayon Eater Coffee.

God bless all you special ones out there serving this nation, at home and abroad, and bless your families, too!

– the Crayon Eater Coffee family

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Roasted in a Peanut/Tree Nut FREE Facility